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Goldilocks Pillows Ltd is the only company in the UK that is licenced to use the simplex-genius pillow measuring system. This is a world-wide patent protected pillow size measuring system deviced by Kulwinder Bajwa, a leading UK consultant osteopath and graduate of the British School of Osteopath 1991. [www.tmoclinic.co.uk] He developed an easy to use and acccurate way to measure people for their pillow size.


Kulwinder says: "After more than 20 years of advicing my own patients about pillows and how to try to reduce the impact of having the wrong height pillow I came up with a method for measuring people to give them the correct height pillow for them. Goldilocks pillows conform to our global pillow size measuring system and come in five different heights (size 1 to 5). Once you have been measured you will know your pillows "size" and you can then choose the pillow that is the correct height for you. No more guessing or using trial and error to try to find the right pillow height, use just one pillow to sleep on that is the correct size for you."

Now available at selected stockists in England, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands. To find your nearest stockist CLICK HERE

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