What's your pillow size?

We are all DIFFERENT SiZeS!  

We don't all wear the same size shoes or the same size trousers or shirts because we are different sizes. So why then should we all sleep on the same height pillow? About 75% of us sleep on our side as it is the most natural sleeping position. To be correctly aligned when we lie down our pillow should fill the gap between our head and the mattress. If the pillow is too narrow to fill that gap or if it is too high then we will not be properly aligned and there will be strain on our neck, shoulders and back.

Get Measured for your perfect pillow

When you need to learn your:

  • trouser size or
  • shirt size or
  • suit size or
  • bra size you can get measured.

You can now be measured for your pillow size. Our pillows come in 5 different heights. Once we measure the gap between your head and shoulder, using our patent protected measuring system, then you will know your pillow size.

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